Healthy Habits for Kids

When your kids are given the option of fruit or chocolate, they are probably going to opt for the latter choice. If you are a mother or father, then you will know that it’s not always easy to encourage your children to eat a balanced diet.

The secret to success is to develop healthy habits at a young age. It’s easier said than done, but let us help you get started with these handy, healthy tips for kids.

Begin with breakfast

Teach your kids how to start the day right by preparing a healthy breakfast to dot them to enjoy. This doesn’t have to take hours to prepare and it can even be a simple as a banana and a glass of water. Breakfast kick-starts the body and will help your kids retain energy throughout the day.

Snack right

Whether your kids like crisps, chocolates or jelly sweets, do not make these an option every day. These treats tend to low in nutrients and high in calories. Make sure you are varying your kids dies with healthy snacks such as fruit, air-popped popcorn, unsalted nuts and low-fat yoghurt.

Eat at the table

Encourage your kids to eat at the table with you. Eating dinner in front of the TV may seem like a good idea at the time, however, it could be teaching your kids bad habits.

Try to eat regular meals with your kids at the dinner table. This valuable time will teach them social skills and will help them to reduce snacking.

Make meal time fun again

Microwavable meals have sucked all of the fun out of kitchen cooking, it’s about time you get the kids involved. Your kids can be handy helpers when it comes to meal time and by getting them involved with the process means that they are more likely to become adventurous when it comes to trying new foods!

If you are really looking to make an effort, why not buy them their own aprons? This way they will be more inclined to help you when it comes to preparing small tasks in the kitchen. As your kids get older, it can be their turn to take over in the kitchen and they will have all of your recipes on hand.

 Slow it down

Make sure that you teach your kids to pace themselves. Did you know that by eating slowly you can help control your weight? Studies have shown that f it takes about 20 minutes for the message that they are full to get from children’s stomachs to their brains.

When you are teaching your children how to eat properly encourage them to slow down and chew their food properly.

Be creative

Creativity in the kitchen is now easier than ever before. From sweet potato spaghetti to vegetable burgers, our kids are spoilt for choice when it comes to healthy options.

Teach your kids about the food that they are eating at the dinner table and they will begin to ask you questions about their healthy diet.

Variation is key as different colours have different effects. Fruit and vegetables like berries and carrots make great snacks – offer these as an alternative.