Orthodontist in Glasgow – How Orthodontics Can Improve Your Child’s Teeth

As parents, we all make a conscious effort to look after our kid’s teeth but unfortunately sometimes the lessons we try to instil in our kids doesn’t stick and their dental habits seem to slip. According to the NHS, over 202,300 people started having orthodontic treatment  in the UK last year alone. Out of this figure the vast majority of patients were children. The good news is if your child requires braces then it is likely to be successful as they are more successful on children than adults. One orthodontist in Glasgow worth mentioning is Berkeley Clinic Glasgow. Berkeley Clinic is a private dentist in Glasgow who provides orthodontic treatments including clear braces. Now more than ever we find adults spending thousands of pounds on clear braces in Glasgow because they either missed out as children or didn’t want them at the time.

Orthodontist in Glasgow – The Costorthodontist Glasgow

Although achieving straight teeth in Glasgow can be a lengthy and expensive process, for kids under 18 it is free through the NHS. This is why it is wise for your children to take advantage of this before they are too old.

The price of orthodontic treatment as an adult can vary slightly depending on how long you require the treatment for and the different methods used.

Some orthodontic treatments can take up to two years to achieve the desired results, other methods may take significantly less time but are substantially more expensive.

Orthodontics – The Benefits

There are many benefits to your child of getting orthodontic treatment:

  • it can correct dental crowding by removing teeth to make space for movement
  • it will straighten your child’s teeth
  • It will correct your child’s bite to ensure that the front and back teeth meet evenlyorthodontist Glasgow
  • It reduces the chance of damage to prominent teeth in your child’s mouth
  • An orthodontist in Glasgow can improve your smile and overall appearance.

Typical Age for Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment for children can begin as soon as their adult teeth come through, which is typically at the age of 12. It all depends on how many adult teeth have come through and the jaw structure of the child.

Obviously orthodontic treatment for adults can begin at any age or stage of life, however the amount of treatment available is more limited. In order for treatment to begin the individual must have an appropriate level of oral hygiene to avoid tooth decay.

Orthodontic Treatmentsorthodontist Glasgow

Although braces are typically used for a period of 18 months to two years there are other treatments designed to take less time to straighten your teeth. The Inman Aligner orthodontics system is designed to straighten your teeth quickly and efficiently, the best dentist in Glasgow: The Berkeley Clinic  provides this treatment for its patients.

Invisalign is another worthwhile orthodontic treatment for those who want a subtle treatment. It is thought to be one of the best dental treatments in the world, it involves no wires and clear aligners to straighten your teeth without being as noticeable as traditional braces.