Top Tips for Healthy Kids Teeth

Oral hygiene is one of the most important things for your kids. Instilling a proper oral routine for your kids at a young age is becoming increasingly important – if you don’t teach your kids how to properly care for their teeth then it will affect them later in life. Here are the best ways to look after your kid’s teeth and ensure that they are maintained once your children have grown up:

Start an Oral Routine ASAP

It is important to start caring for your children’s teeth straight away. Even before they have arrived, teeth are a source of pain and frustration – teething. Before you can start brushing your kid’s teeth with a brush you should be lightly wiping them with a cloth after feeding. Once you can begin to brush their teeth you should do so gently. Soft brushes are always best on new teeth with a small amount of child-friendly toothpaste.

Teach them Young

Once your child is old enough, typically at age 3 you should begin to teach them how to brush their teeth properly. It is important to start this at a young age to ensure that they eventually know to brush their teeth twice a day and how to brush them properly. Teach them to take pride in their oral hygiene. Once they are old enough to brush their teeth themselves you should be checking each morning and night that they have already brushed their teeth.

Avoid Sugar

Obviously, it would be impossible to deny a child any sugar at all but you should monitor how much sugar your child is ingesting. Sugar takes around 30 minutes to neutralise in terms of acidity so bear this in mind, if your child is constantly eating sugar throughout the day then the chance of tooth decay is significantly higher. You should avoid anything acidic 30 minutes before brushing, that includes things like fresh fruit drinks.

Keep Regular Dentist Appointments

It is important to make all your child’s dentist appointments. Make sure they are scheduled regularly enough to identify any issues which may be arising. It may be necessary for your child to have braces. This is advisable as young as possible, many children don’t want braces when they are young but regret this later in life. Up until a certain age in Scotland, braces are
free so this should be taken advantage of, after a certain point they will be very expensive.

Lead by Example

The most effective way your child can learn is by following a good example. If your child is aware that you take pride in your oral hygiene and sees you brushing your teeth regularly and avoiding sugar, then they will be more likely to follow this. It can be a daunting experience being a parent and constantly wondering if you are doing things right. If you are struggling to get your child to brush their teeth try making it a fun activity, ask your friends for tips and ask your dentist for their advice.