The Best Jobs For Working With Kids

Children are endearing little creatures. Their curiosity for life makes them a joy to be around and interact with, even in their most frustrating of moments. It also reminds us of the simpler things and simpler times in life, those times where we had less to worry about; no bills, no deadlines, no social networking, just pure, unadulterated joy for life.

There’s also no need for the mindless small talk we end up having to endure as adults. Kids don’t ask about the weather, how your weekend was, or what your holiday plans are. Their questions tend to be more along the lines of “Why do cows not speak english?” and “Where does all the water go when it rains?”. This makes them refreshing in a world where we have to put up with boring, mundane, and frankly pointless conversation.

So what jobs can we do that allow us to work with kids?


The first and most obvious answer is to become a teacher. Teaching requires patience, flexibiltiy, and an even temper, but for those that can handle it, the rewards are high. Teachers look after the future of the nation, and a good teacher can have a large impact of a child’s development and life overall.

Camp Director

This option is perfect for those that view themselves as “nothing more than a big kid”. Camp directors spend their days planning camper activities and schedules, communicating with parents, and managing camp staff. A large part of their work brings them into direct contact with children, either as a mentor or as a activity director. Definitely one to go for if you fancy working through play.

walking kids

Child Psychologist

This one is a bit more towards the serious end of the job spectrum. Child psychologists have all the difficulty of a normal psychologist’s position, with an added hurdle: children are not as eloquent and articulate as their adult peers. A good child psychologist will find ways to connect with children to get them to open up about their issues, and possibly understand what the problem is even when the child does not. Much like a teacher, a good child psychologist can have a real impact on a child’s development into an adult, so the rewards here are huge.


For those of us with a bent towards sport, coaching is a perfect position. Not only do you get to spend time with children, you also get to impart for your love for your chosen sport(s). A good coach will be with a child through their development as a sportsperson and can take real joy in seeing them advance as a player and a person, as these two are closely connected.

Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses specialize in caring for children in hospitals and doctors’ offices. They provide routine screenings, diagnose illness, perform acute care on sick children and check-ups on healthy children. By caring for kids at their most vulnerable, a person can feel like they have made a serious impact on both a child’s and their family’s life.