Stoves Glasgow | The Advantages of Having a Natural Gas Fireplace

A stove or fireplace can completely transform the look and feel of your living room. Nothing beats sitting in front of a hot fire on a cold day. The relaxing ambience created by a cosy fireplace is incomparable. Here are some of the advantages of having a natural gas fireplace, and where to look for gas stoves Glasgow.

Different Types of Stoves


  • Gas (Natural and LP) stove
  • Electric stove
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Multi-fuel stove
  • Oil-burning stove

Advantages of Having a Stove

Constant Heat

You don’t need to mess about with setting anything up. When you have a gas fireplace it is ready to go whenever you want.

No Hauling

With a gas fireplace, there is no need for buying or chopping up wood to burn. The gas comes straight from the gas line with ease.

No Sparks

An excellent thing about gas fires is that there are no sparks or embers that are going to fly out and potentially leave burn marks on your floor or that you’ll have to clean up later. This is why gas stoves are some of the safest available.

Energy Saving

Using a natural gas stove to heat your home (and water supply) could save you up to 25% on your energy bill.

Easy to Work

Gas stoves can be switched off much easier than most other types of stoves. With an on and off button, there is no need to wait until the fire has gone out naturally. Some models even come with a feature that allows you to switch off the heating function, whilst still keeping the flame on. Giving you the flexibility and ambience that you’ve always wanted.

Much Safer

Natural gas is much safer for the environment, this is because no fumes or particles get released into the air, or into your home.  Gas stoves are a far safer option for those with children or pets.

No Chimney

Gas fireplaces usually have a venting system, which means you may not need a chimney to be able to install and use one. If a chimney is required, you won’t have to get a full brickwork chimney as they can come in metal and be concealed so they blend in with your property.


Many gas stoves these days’ have fans that blow the warmth out of the fireplace. This allows them to heat up the room more efficiently and quickly than many other methods.

No Bans

Even if you live in a smokeless zone, you can still enjoy the benefits of a natural gas fireplace. Natural gas does not produce any smoke or chemicals when it is burnt.

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Where to Look for Stoves Glasgow

If you are interested in getting a stove but are unsure of where to get stoves Glasgow, there are many options out there. It can be difficult to narrow down your choice when it comes to selecting the perfect one for your home. But with a range of styles, colours and sizes, there is something for everyone when it comes to stoves Glasgow.