Wedding Bands In Scotland | Which Genre Is Right For You

If you are engaged, you will be up to your knees in wedding planning at the moment. It can be a stressful time. That is why we have decided to help. We have created a list of the genres of wedding bands in Scotland that you might like. Then you can go into each genre and find the exact band that is right for you. Hopefully this will save you some time!

We have even provided you with somewhere to find wedding bands in Scotland so you can just peruse and choose at your own pace.

Ceilidh Bands

The first option is particularly Scottish. You could have a ceilidh at your wedding! From the Gay Gordons to the Virginia Reel, ceilidh dances are always a lot of fun. They don’t appeal to everyone, but most people can get in on the spirit and have a great time.

For this option you could either hire a band who are specifically for ceilidhs or you could hire a traditional Scottish music band who might give you some variety of songs and dances too.

Wedding Bands In Scotland

Cover Bands

This is probably the most popular choice for people looking for wedding bands in Scotland.

Cover bands will play all of the songs you know and love, and will probably take requests. These bands are probably the best option if your guests are all different ages. The cover band will play everything from One Direction to The Beatles.

Jazz Bands

If you would like to have some quiet jazz or swing music in the background, then best to go for a jazz band. They can play big lively numbers or croon softly while people are eating. A jazz band gives you many option when it comes to what you want to have played.

Rock Bands

Some people prefer to go big or go home. In this case why not opt for a full classic rock band. Get them to play all the biggest singalong hits and your wedding will be a massive success. Just make sure they’re not too noisy if the reception venue has neighbours!

Wedding Bands In Scotland

No Band

Finally, there is always the option to not have a band at all. You could opt for a DJ, or as many people are now doing, a Spotify playlist. There are so many option available to you nowadays.

Where to find great wedding bands in Scotland:

It is relatively easy to find wedding bands in Scotland these days. There are some companies such as Elite Bands who manage large numbers of bands so that you can just pop to a showcase event or scour the website for a band for your own wedding. This cuts your task in half as you needn’t go anywhere else to find the perfect list of wedding bands in Scotland.