How IT Support Scotland Are Teaching Children The Importance of IT In Modern Day Society

We live in a technology advanced society – allowing us to connect with people from all over the world. Over the years schools have slowly implemented different forms of technology to help children in their learning. In 2019 the Scottish Government with team up with IT Support Scotland to come up with ways to implement the importance of technology within the curriculum.

Technology In School

Technology was first introduced in schools in the 90s when computers were brought into schools. Over the years the internet provided extra learning tools for children that teachers could not provide. For example engaging digital learning games which the new generation of pupils were interested in. Then came the introduction of SMART Boards – where teachers could project the image on their computer to the whiteboard. The board comes with a special pen which allows teachers to interact, draw and show things quickly and efficiently. This excited children and therefore became a great tool for learning.

With smartphones, teachers can now email and communicate with other teachers and parents about the child’s learning. Parents can also use email to ask teachers questions or concerns they may have.

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Future Career Options For Children

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Web Developer or Graphic Designer
  • Artificial Intelligence

These are just a few of the job roles that children can look forward to if they chose a career patch in IT technology. Currently, the job market is full of job opportunities in IT with 1 person to 8 jobs. Because of this the salaries are so high in IT at the moment due to the lack of qualified people. Schools are now encouraging children with an interest in computer technology to pursue their interest at university level due to the overwhelming opportunities not only in Scotland but across the globe.