A Damp Specialist Could Help Protect Family From Health Issues

Within the UK in particular a large number of properties often suffer from damp. This issue can be considered serious as if it is left untreated it can lead to health problems for the inhabitants of the property as well as damage and dark marks that can be very difficult to remove overall. It is therefore important to source a professional damp specialist from a property repair company such as Richardson and Starling As they have the skills and expertise necessary to tackle the job at hand.

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What Can Cause Damp In A Property?

One of the major culprits of damp occurring in a property is poor insulation. Old buildings are particularly susceptible to damp as often the inside of the wall cavity may be hollow. This means that damp and water can slowly travel up the inside of the building and can eventually lead to damp occurring within the property.

For properties that are older it is advisable to have wall cavities filled with insulation in an effort to prevent damp from occurring overall. Another way in which damp can be prevented in these properties is by investing in a better central heating system overall.

As well as damp occurring on old properties it can of course also occur in newer properties. One of the biggest causes of damp within properties is poor insulation from windows. Many properties are still fitted with single glazing windows. These can lead to condensation coming through the sills and corners of the window. Once this has happened this can eventually lead to damp within a property.

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What Risk Can Damp Pose Overall?

There are a variety of different issues that can occur as a result of damp being left untreated within a property. One of the biggest and most notable issues that can occur is the health risks. Damp can lead to mould which can release bacterial spores into the air. Studies have clearly linked this with harmful health conditions such as asthma.

Another health condition that can come as a result of damp is the cold. The flu virus and the cold can come as a direct result of damp occurring within a property In order to reduce this risk it is important that a number of thorough steps are taken.

Damp specialist

How Can Damp Be Prevented?

Damp can be prevented through a variety of different means overall. One of the best ways to get rid of damp overall is to enlist the help of a damp specialist. Damp specialists typically have skills and expertise within that field that allows them to deal with damp overall. These property specialists have the correct equipment as well as skills and training to allow them to deal with the issue effectively overall.

Another way in which damp can be prevented overall is the installation of double glazing windows. Having double glazing windows fitted to the property can help to reduce the risk of damp coming into the property. Additionally the double glazing can reduce overall energy bills and improve heat insulation on the whole.