Eating Well And Staying Active – Guide

Whether you have children or not it is essential that you ensure that you are eating well and staying active in order to maintain your overall health. Equally those with children look to set an example for their kids overall. This guide will evaluate the overall benefits to eating well and staying active and break down how this can be done in easy steps.

Five A Day

The concept of five a day is something that should be regimented into you and your kids diet if possible. Doctors and nutritionists recommend that you should eat least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. This can be a mixture of fruit and veg. A great way in which you can try and achieve this is by having fruit smoothies as well as making more meals based around vegetables. Doing this could save you money on your overall food bill as well as allow you to try more recipes that are more veg based.

Another way in which you can incorporate this into your or your kids diet is to encourage them to have a piece of fruit during a lunch break or at school. This ensures that they are gaining an energy source from the fruit as well as valuable vitamins.

Try and incorporate fruit and vegetables into your kids diets so that they become more accustomed to them overall. A common issue in schools is that kids become more accustomed to sugary foods and drinks then fruit and veg. It is important that they are still eating these at home so it becomes part of their diet overall.

Being Aware Of “Junk Foods”

Unfortunately in everyday society there is a lot of food circulating that can pose health risks and that is filled with preservatives as well as fats and sugars. All of these factors can contribute to higher cholesterol and worse health overall over time. Furthermore if too much sugar is consumed over someones lifetime then they stand the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Junk foods can also cause a lot of issues with peoples overall weight as well. This is because typically they contain far more fat and preservatives which contribute to weight gain and have little to no nutritional value . Junk foods can be eaten in special occasions but they should be carefully moderated.

Staying Active

Staying active is just as important as eating healthily and it is especially important to teach kids this at a young age so that they are more encouraged to participate in exercise overall so that they stay fit and maintain a good overall level of general health. Without plenty of exercise you could leave yourself or your kids open to more health issues overall.

A great way to keep you and your kids active is to encourage them to take part in sports and play sports with them e.g football , tennis etc. This helps build their confidence as well as their overall fitness levels. Schools also run a variety of incentives in order to encourage pupils to participate.