Best Summer 2017 Activities for Your Kids

Summer 2017

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes school holidays and the chance to spend some quality time with your children. The U.K is a great place to be this summer with a tonne of fun, exciting activities right on your doorstep. From theme parks to days in the park, the amount of joy that can be had in the sun is unparalleled and this year looks to be stacked with things to do. Have a read at our list of the top summer 2017 attractions and ask your kids what they fancy doing and you won’t go wrong.

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Orthodontist in Glasgow – How Orthodontics Can Improve Your Child’s Teeth

orthodontist Glasgow

As parents, we all make a conscious effort to look after our kid’s teeth but unfortunately sometimes the lessons we try to instil in our kids doesn’t stick and their dental habits seem to slip. According to the NHS, over 202,300 people started having orthodontic treatment  in the UK last year alone. Out of this figure the vast majority of patients were children. The good news is if your child requires braces then it is likely to be successful as they are more successful on children than adults. One orthodontist in Glasgow worth mentioning is Berkeley Clinic Glasgow. Berkeley Clinic is a private dentist in Glasgow who provides orthodontic treatments including clear braces. Now more than ever we find adults spending thousands of pounds on clear braces in Glasgow because they either missed out as children or didn’t want them at the time.

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The Best Kids Birthday Party Ever with Fabric Structures & Event Crew

Best birthday ever with event crew and fabric structures

We all know how stressful organising and hosting a kids birthday party can be. With the fear of forgetting to invite a classmate, children becoming wild on sugar and destroying the place, or worse…the kids being bored. To prevent all these worries you can make life much easier by hiring a company to decorate and transform the room with child-friendly fabric structures and hire event crew to entertain the children.

Magic Transformation

Whether you are hosting a Princess, Superhero or Pirates party – the theme must be prominent through every element of the party to impress the kids (and their parents). Fabric structures, such as draping can transform your home or hired space. Covering up walls and flooring can not only look amazing but can also prevent damage through spillage. Make a pirate ship room with sea blue draping or create a princess paradise with pink canopies decorated in fluff and fairy lights. You could even create an outdoor Harry Potter themed room with house flags and velvet curtains inside a large castle themed marquee.

Kids Entertainment

It’s known that children can get bored just as easily as they can be amused. Hiring event crew is importance to avoid children going wild in your house through a sugar rush or through boredom. The event crew can dress up in line with your theme, i.e. Harry Potter characters, princesses, superheros, pirates…

Event crew can also perform shows, provide the music and play theme appropriate games with the children to make it the most memorable of parties. Hiring event crew might be expensive, however the return on investment is invaluable.

Get Creative with Food

The food you provide for the kids can be a make or break. Too much sugar – leads to wild behaviour and accident and no sugar leads to boredom and disappointment. Make themed pizzas, sandwiches, snacks and drinks on your own with the help of your child make the party really personal. For example you can make Magic Potion with blackcurrant juice and lemonade. You can make a pirate ships with hot dogs, golden treasure with popcorn or chocolate coins and pirates rum with cola bottle sweets. Take colourful fruit to recreate super hero logos – for example the Captain America symbol with strawberries, blueberries and white marshmallows. For a princess theme – make sandwiches or pizzas and cut them in the shape of crowns, make Cinderella pumpkins with peeled oranges and bake colourful, girly cupcakes.

Top Tips for Healthy Kids Teeth

Oral hygiene is one of the most important things for your kids. Instilling a proper oral routine for your kids at a young age is becoming increasingly important – if you don’t teach your kids how to properly care for their teeth then it will affect them later in life. Here are the best ways to look after your kid’s teeth and ensure that they are maintained once your children have grown up:

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Where to go for Professional Baby Photography Glasgow

Example of Easter themed baby photography Glasgow with a baby laying on a feathery blanket inside an artificial nest

This article will outline where you should go for professional baby photography Glasgow. Raising a child is the most demanding yet rewarding jobs in the world. It takes, patience, a good sense of humour and a lot of love to teach a tiny new-born everything it needs to know to survive in life. During the first year of life, babies go through a lot of changes from fitting into parent’s hands, to first words to first steps and a lot of in-betweens.

Babies are constantly learning and having brand new experiences, each one completely unique to each child and something they can experience for the first time only once. As a parent you want to savour every precious moment, but time moves quickly so it is important to create long lasting memories you can think back on in years to come. A fantastic way to capture your children in these early weeks of life is to have a professional portrait taken. It takes a highly skilled professional to take on this type of work, which is why if you are looking for someone to photograph your child you want to go to the very best.

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Cute Scottish Mugs For Your Kids’ Hot Chocolates This Winter

Cute puppy sits inside one of the kids' Scottish mugs.

With winter drawing ever closer, we like to start thinking about how we are going to entertain our kids and keep them warm in the cold weather. Hot drinks are a classic for people of all ages, but they can be a real treat for your young ones too. After a day playing in the snow, there is nothing better than a warming drink to make you feel cosy. Help your kids enjoy this feeling even more with some cute, personalised Scottish mugs. Support local designers and creators while giving your children a fantastic treat this winter.

Read on and find out where to find your kids some cute Scottish mugs.

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How IT Support Scotland Are Teaching Children The Importance of IT In Modern Day Society

it support scotland

We live in a technology advanced society – allowing us to connect with people from all over the world. Over the years schools have slowly implemented different forms of technology to help children in their learning. In 2019 the Scottish Government with team up with IT Support Scotland to come up with ways to implement the importance of technology within the curriculum.

Technology In School

Technology was first introduced in schools in the 90s when computers were brought into schools. Over the years the internet provided extra learning tools for children that teachers could not provide. For example engaging digital learning games which the new generation of pupils were interested in. Then came the introduction of SMART Boards – where teachers could project the image on their computer to the whiteboard. The board comes with a special pen which allows teachers to interact, draw and show things quickly and efficiently. This excited children and therefore became a great tool for learning.

With smartphones, teachers can now email and communicate with other teachers and parents about the child’s learning. Parents can also use email to ask teachers questions or concerns they may have.

it support scotland

Future Career Options For Children

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Web Developer or Graphic Designer
  • Artificial Intelligence

These are just a few of the job roles that children can look forward to if they chose a career patch in IT technology. Currently, the job market is full of job opportunities in IT with 1 person to 8 jobs. Because of this the salaries are so high in IT at the moment due to the lack of qualified people. Schools are now encouraging children with an interest in computer technology to pursue their interest at university level due to the overwhelming opportunities not only in Scotland but across the globe.

Building A Child-Friendly Website With Unlimited WordPress Hosting

unlimited wordpress hosting

As we become more dependent on internet technologies we are utilising them in our everyday life. In our cars, our mobile phones, in work, we even use internet technology in the home to turn lights on and off or play music. Modern children are highly exposed to internet technologies and use them to play games, communicate with their friendly and even use them in school to help them in their learning. Here is how you can build a child-friendly website using unlimited WordPress hosting.

unlimited wordpress hosting

The Basics

Lets start from the ground up. What is your website going to be about? Is it an educational website where children can play games while learning maths, English or science. Or is your website a safe and secure networking website where they can talk to their friends when they are not in school. Make sure you have a really strong and original idea before you being building and creating your website. Have a look at competitor sights and how they are designed and measure how engaging their content is and how easy it is to use. Ease of use is extremely important when designing a children’s website. Clear wording, simple design and large buttons and arrows is ideal! As well as ease of use, safety is just as important. The internet is a very large and dangerous place at times, so ensuring children are not put in a vulnerable position is vital when creating your website. Putting up secure barriers and ensuring there are no links to dodgy dark websites is key!

unlimited wordpress hosting

What Is Unlimited WordPress Hosting?

Unlimited WordPress Hosting is simply a website host who can control all the information coming into the website so you don’t have to. They usually (or should) feature infinite disk space. Unlimited WordPress hosting is by far the most beneficial hosting software you can use for your new website.

unlimited wordpress hosting

Colour By Design

Children are drawn to bright colours and are more engaged with something that is visibly appealing to them. Using bright primary colours blues, reds and yellows is a great way for people to disguinsh that this is a website for children. Mixing all the bright colours and avoiding black, white and grey is beneficial for a child website. Creating characters within the site that the children can follow will also keep them on the site longer.

unlimited wordpress hosting

Music & Video

Music and sounds when the children press buttons or enter new pages are ideal for keeping them engaged and staying on your website longer. These songs will make your website memorable and keep children coming back to the site throughout their youth – as well as remembering in their older years.